Cole’s Mission


Cole’s is the earth-friendly company dedicated to bringing you the finest, freshest foods from around the globe while preserving the delicate balance between nature and our own nutritional needs.

Who's Cole?

From our recycled packaging to selecting only all-natural products that meet our strict standards for sustainable farming and fishing methods, Cole’s brings you great gourmet taste with a conscience. Cole’s fish have been carefully selected because…

  • Our trout are raised incorporating a semi-intensive farming method using a natural, closed-in stream that is constantly running and fed by pristine mountain springs. Every step is taken to make sure no chemicals enter the system and no “escapees” get away to threaten the local ecosystem.
  • Our mackerel are taken directly from the coastal waters off of Portugal using the line and hook method, to minimize the unintentional catch of other species. This traditional fishing method utilizes driftwood or other materials — even old rope — to catch a string of our prized mackerel.
  • Cole’s firmly believes in sustainable fishing practices, sound environmental stewardship, and in giving back to the farming and fishing communities who supply us to maintain their dedication to these same principles.

If you would like more information on Cole’s, our suppliers, and where you can purchase our products, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

In the meantime, “Capture the Spirit and Savor the Taste” of Cole’s Fine Foods as we continue to search the globe for even more gourmet-quality, earth-friendly products!

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