In an effort to assure our customers we’re adhering to sustainable practices, we developed a symbol that is used to identify products that meet certain sustainability criteria. As a leader in imported seafood, not only is it our responsibility to ensure we’re serving some of the best tasting dishes, but also products that are good for our environment.

By the time our seafood finds its way to your kitchen table (or picnic blanket!)
it's guaranteed to meet Cole’s Sustainable Selections guidelines.

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Cole's Identifying Sustainability Button

When you see products on the shelf at your local supermarket with our signature button on them, you can rest assured that we are doing the research for you! Products that have the "Sustainable Selections" button on them must meet requirements outlined by some of the most trusted resources out there for seafood health and sustainability. 


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First and foremost, we adhere to the guidelines set by the trusted Seafood Watch by Monterey Bay Aquarium. We use only "Best Choice" or "Good Alternative" from their database. Seafood that is labeled as "Avoid" never make the Cole's cut.

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"The Seafood Watch standards consist of guiding principles, science-based criteria and a robust scoring methodology. We regularly update them with the help of fisheries and aquaculture experts to ensure they incorporate the latest science and understanding of sustainability. They play a critical role in helping us create an assessment of a fishery or aquaculture operation, which in turn shapes our seafood recommendations. " 

More info on their methods and mission can be found HERE


In addition, our Sustainable Selections program follows the lead of some of the most responsible leaders in seafood nutrition and sustainability out there today!

Here are some of our favorites: 

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                 Click here for their website link!

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                                       Click here for their website link!

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