What our customers have to say...

"Just finished a delicious dinner but ate it so quickly that it did not have a chance to be memorialized with a photo: on a bed of my just picked lettuce nestled the smoked trout flanked by garden tomatoes and cucumber wedges, sprinkled with chopped chives and kosher salt. Next to that were the last of my garden green beans and a generous portion of Goya rice, with lots of butter and parsley......thanks for delivering the Cole's goodies. I enjoyed every bite."


    Mary, Massachusetts

"Very tasty, mild, meaty fish in olive oil. Excellent on crackers or even romaine lettuce with some lemon juice on top of it." (Speaking on Cole's Mackerel in Olive Oil)

- B.H., Amazon Review

"I’m on a low salt diet, & have been for a couple of years. When I began on the diet, I thought I’d have to forego tinned fish, which I’ve enjoyed since I was young. I was happy to discover that many of your products are very low in sodium, & so tinned fishes are back on my plate. Thank you!"

– Craig L., Maryland

"My whole family loves these and we go through a case often. Just this morning I opened a can [Mackerel in Olive Oil] to put some in my four year old's lunch, and then he went to the open can and ate the rest for breakfast! It's a great healthy and convenient meal/snack; I love that the mackerel is simply in olive oil and salt, rather than other kinds of oils or water."

    amecrepes, Amazon Review

"Just had a tin of your Smoked Rainbow Trout & a side of saltines! Felt like I was hiking along side of a tree-lined stream...

...but I was snacking next to my laptop instead!!


Then all of sudden it occurred to me: Were there any other of your selections available at the grocers? (Sunflower Market)

Gotta Go...Headin' Back To The Store For Some More Cole’s!!!!"

– John T., Phoenix, AZ

"I had sardines a long time ago, so I wasn’t expecting the dish of the century when I cracked open a can of Sardines in Tomato Sauce.

Me and my husband ate them on rye thins as an appetizer and they were out of this world. Good to know that I can get them on the Upper West Side."

– Jessica S., NY, NY

"The only canned fish substitute for tuna there is. Low mercury since they are closer to the bottom of the food chain. Very un-fishy in taste. Put on a cracker or use 'em like tuna. Either way, they will make your day."  (Speaking on Cole's Mackerel in Olive Oil)

- gypsispender, Amazon Review

"GOOD! I just ate your wild mackerel for the first time and it was the best fish in a can I’ve ever had… and growing up on the coast of Maine where we caught mackerel every summer and either grilled or pan fried, your mackerel captured that great simplicity yet burst of flavor that I always loved about our “fresh catch” Also so great to see you are a conscious company that cares about the methods in which they produce!"

– Jennifer L.

"For canned fish, this was excellent. [speaking on Cole's Smoked Trout in Olive Oil] Great taste and texture. After a VSG I am always on the lookout for great sources of protein - this is the perfect serving size. Will definitely order again.

Looking forward to trying other products from "Cole's" (the Mackerel is next!)"

– Mason, Amazon Review

"I was not expecting much but I had a craving for a little snack this afternoon with a class of wine and I saw your trout on the shelf and thought what the… I have not enjoyed something so much in so long. When I had it with a sip of wine I heard the most unusual thing - the holy choir singing. Thank you for a nice little treat, there was more than enough for two to share. I plan on telling everyone I know."

– Margaret K.

"With a much developed love of smoked trout I’ve been preparing my famous trout dip for over 15 years now. Back then there was always plenty of available fresh smoked trout but not anymore. I was left to canned options with much disappointment.

That was until I opened up a can of Cole’s Applewood Smoked Trout. Truthfully, I purchased it not expecting much, particularly after my previous experiences. I must say, you have made me a believer!

I traditionally make a smoked trout dip that incorporates 4 other spices, incredients, etc. However, the incredible flavor of Cole’s Smoked Trout convinced me not to add a thing to its remarkable flavor. Simple cream cheese and a can of trout and it’s the closest thing to heaven! Thank you for your commitment to sustainable healthy and quality food products."

– Carol B., California

"I am writing as I finish off your canned wild mackerel. Boy was it tasty. I just had to let you know that! I’d like to consider myself a foodie, and definitely a super-sensor in terms of taste and have not had *canned* seafood like yours. You’ve got one of the best products in your category, thanks so much for bringing this to market. I’m so glad to have a delicious, healthy option for snacking and meals."

– Robyn S.

"No questions, just my admiration for someone who gets it right. Been cooking for a long long time; regularly cure, pickle, and escabeche sardines, anchovies, etc. I am proud to keep your product in my lonely cupboard at home and feel richer for it. Really well done. Love the little bits of aromatic vegetable and herbs I find in the can. My restaurant is all about farm direct and sustainability and it seems we share that passion. Good work."

– Tony N., centralmarketpetaluma.com

"I am spreading the news. Buying on the upper west side of Manhattan at Westside Market, Garden of Eden and Fairway. Sardines and mackerel are our favorites. Thanks Cole's!"

– A. Bergen

"Having small packages of Cole’s fish on hand can go a long way toward perpetual hors d'oeuvre preparedness. The fish, either farm-raised or wild-caught “with a conscience,” tastes terrific and contains no preservatives or additives..."

– WashingtonPost.com

"I’ve just enjoyed my first can of Cole’s Wild Mackerel. I hope to offer this lovely fish as an alternative to sardines to give to my kids."

– Nora D.

"As an expatriate American living in the Middle East, anything that reminds me of home is a good and treasured thing and these sardines brought back memories of many trips with my Dad, hiking and fishing, and the simple but tasty “guy meals” we would eat along the way (always sardines when the fish weren’t biting).

Thanks for a tasty and very high quality product that brought back some memories."

– John, Doha, Qatar