Serving Suggestions

Cole’s is perfect for…

  • Picnics & Parties
  • Hiking, Camping & Biking
  • Boating & Fishing Trips
  • Tailgating & Sporting Events
  • Treating Friends & Family
  • Anytime at Home or on the Go!

Cole’s “School of Fish” Serving Tips:

  • Enjoy it straight out of the tin!
  • Pour your favorite wine and relax with a fine cracker and cheese
  • As a complement to just about any salad with spinach, lettuce and greens
  • Blended with a mixture of herbs, chopped green onions, a bit of balsamic and a touch of mayo
  • As a topping for a truly gourmet pizza
  • In your favorite dish accompanying rice or pasta
  • Place the fish on top of thick slabs of fresh tomatoes. Drizzle some of the oil from the can over, and then sprinkle with zahtar (a middle eastern spice blend), salt and pepper. Or place onto a slice of your favorite crusty bread.

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