Introducing Cole…


The good-taste bud of earth-friendly food lovers everywhere!

At the very heart of Cole’s is our man Cole, the dashing young connoisseur who travels the world in search of the finest seafood products that are raised and harvested with minimal environmental impact and sound, sustainable practices.

He’s the champion of the high seas and the low-lying lakes from Peru to Portugal… Alaska to Australia… and everywhere in between. Adults and children everywhere love Cole’s food finds, and enjoy the peace of mind that each one is carefully selected using the strictest standards.

Now everyone can follow his Earthly adventures as he explores the globe for the best that Mother Nature has to offer with his personal log entry chronicling his latest and greatest food finds…

Cole’s Log

July 3, 2014

Location: United States

"Hello everyone! It's Cole here with a few updates into my life including some paths I will be pursuing in the near future!

I have returned back to the homeland after some years overseas in Portugal assuring our canned fish scream perfection. The mackerels, trouts, tunas, and sardines, continue to grow in popularity and I couldn't be happier that my family and friends here in the US enjoy our tasty tins!

I am currently pursuing many new paths and I would love to share them with everyone!

First off, as many of you might have already seen, I have explored the cold waters of Alaska and found a salmon that is crafted into delicious strips of jerky. This product, with a rich and smoky flavor, is a perfect snack and a great source of protein!

I have also visited some close friends down in North Carolina that have offered me some delicious trout products. Under Cole's trout delicacies page, you will now see five new trout products. Our hot and cold smoked fillets can garnish any salad or sandwich, the trout dip is delicious with any cracker appetizer, the trout jerky packs perfect for any picnic or camp ground, and the caviar works for those special occasions!

As I continue to explore for even more delicious, eco-friendly fish products, I have also been finding some complements that go along perfectly with so many of our canned specialties. 

I have selected four Lemonaise spreads that are delicious for when you need an extra blast of flavor in a sandwich or to make a dip as an appetizer. 

I have also stocked the pantry with two styles of Mariner crackers. Perfect alongside any of our fish products, this simple, yet tasty cracker offers another appetizer idea!

Lastly, I am in the final stages of bringing three new Cole's products to all of my friends and family. Cole's will soon be offering an Octopus in Olive Oil, Petite Sardines in Olive Oil, and a Calamari stuffed with onion, rice, tomatoes, spices, and salt. I hope that you all will give these new products a try as they bring you that same gourmet taste with an eco-friendy conscience.

That is all I have for now and it is back to work for me! Please continue to be the great customers you all are and send us any suggestions and/or feedback you have!"

- Cole

May 15, 2007
Location: Portugal

“Hello everyone and welcome aboard to Cole’s! Thank you for following my adventures, as I aim to bring you the finest enviro-friendly products the world has to offer.

Right now, I followed a hot lead from a reliable source that there were some outstanding products that were available here in Portugal. Never one to pass up a good thing, I hopped in my vintage sailboat and headed right here.

What I have found is a treasure trove of fantastic fish—wild ocean mackerel right from the sea and delectable, farm-raised trout brought up in crystal clear ponds formed from cascading mountain waters.

Just as importantly the fishermen I've teamed up with believe in the same ideals we all do. They use sound, sustainable fishing practices and are ever-vigilant environmental stewards. As such, it is part of my mission to reinvest in these communities and develop deep relationships with people who truly care about the earth.

Well, I’ll leave it brief for now as I have an important appointment to keep. You see, the fish farmer’s daughter is just about my age, very cute, and is also a champion of the environment. We’re off to take a sail in my boat and explore the coastal Portuguese waters… this could be a great catch for Cole too!

Enjoy the great taste of my seafood and fish products, and be sure to tell your friends all about them!”

- Cole