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Do I have to cook your products?

No, all our items are all ready-to-eat products.

Which products are wild caught?

All of our Mackerel, Sardine & Tuna products are wild caught

Which products are farmed raised?

Our Salmon, Trout & Mussel products are farmed with the best feed, in very natural habitats & are treated humanely.

Are all your tins BPA free?

Yes, all of our tins are BPA free

Where are your products from?

Our products are currently from Chile, Spain, Morocco, Cape Verde & Portugal.

Do you sell to wholesalers?

Yes, we do.  Please submit an email via our form submission & someone from our sales team will get back to you shortly.

Do you have manufacturer’s coupons?

No, unfortunately we do not have Manufacturer’s coupons, but if you sign up to receive our newsletter you will receive discounts & special offers to be used online.

Where can I purchase your products?

You can purchase our products right from our website, or you can click on find us to find a store near you!

Are Cole’s products gluten free?

The only items that are currently NOT gluten free are: Stuffed Calamari, Italian Tuna Salad & the Sweet Thai Chili Tuna Salad.